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How Much Does a Celebrant Cost?

Everyone knows that you need a celebrant for your wedding, but no one ever talks about the cost associated. Well, the answer depends on a few things. Some celebrants offer their services along with additional equipment, writing the ceremony, and more. If you want a great celebrant that does it all, consider The Art of Love Gold Coast.

At The Art of Love Gold Coast, I am a professional celebrant that brings love to the beaches. I am passionate about weddings and I love every single wedding that I’m a celebrant of.

I am very honest about my business and pricing. My website has specific numbers for each category. So, how much does a celebrant cost? I offer my entry-level package (which includes travel, documentation, performing the ceremony, consultation, and creating the ceremony), for just a few hundred dollars. My top-of-the-line package includes that plus being an MC and DJ at the wedding for between one and two grand.

So the quick answer is that the price depends on what you’re looking for. I’m one of the few celebrants in the area that truly listens to what you’re looking for and I make sure I deliver it exceptionally well. I will go above and beyond your expectations because I want you to have the perfect wedding that you’ll reflect on for the rest of your life.

Take a look at my website for more information about The Art of Love Gold Coast. Get to know me, read a list of my plans and pricing, scroll a gallery of my previous weddings, and start the conversation with me today. I look forward to helping with your special day. Consider The Art of Love Gold Coast for a wedding to remember.

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