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What's Next ?



Congratulations on your engagement !


I would be so chuffed if you chose me to officiate your wedding ceremony.


Once you have made that decision and you have a firm date in place - you’ll be able to tick one more thing off that very long “to do” list before your big day.


If you do chose me - I’ll take you step by step through the process - making it as simple as possible

so that you can then get on with all the other details that need your attention..

The next step!


Before the writing of the ceremony we will need to set a date to actually sit down to complete the neccessary and essential paperwork. You will also need to supply both your birth certificates and driver’s licenses for identification purposes. If either partner has been married previously and is now widowed or divorced those papers will also need to be the initial meeting.


On completion of the paperwork -  Together we can plan all the fun stuff - Creating Your Ceremony !


Below is a short questionaire and a few things you’ll both need to think about!

You may already have an idea or know specifically what you want - that’s great! but we will need those ideas put into words so we can begin to plan and create your perfect ceremony.  


Who will be included in your ceremony? 




Are you being given away and by whom?  




Would you like your parents included in the ceremony wording? 




Would you like to include a brief explanation on how you both met?   




Do you have a funny or loving story you would like included in the ceremony? 




Would you like a friend or family member to read a poem?




Do you want a longer ceremony or are you eager for the party to start? 




Will you be having a themed wedding?




Do you want to include any rituals?




Would you like the ceremony to be formal or more light-hearted?



With these questions answered - your paperwork complete and a deposit taken, I can begin to write a ceremony for you both which will be sent for viewing via email.

Once you have read through the initial draft of the ceremony we can all work on what you like - don’t like, or wish to be changed and I will make the necessary adjustments. We do this as many times as it takes to make it perfect  - just for you!


If there’s anything else you need assistance with along the way - just ask, I’m more than happy to help!



Here we go - Soooo Exciting!


Just breathe and enjoy the process!



Jen. x

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